a few unfinished thoughts and the infinite turtle

Exhibition view





‘Turtles all the way down’ is a saying with an unknown origin that expresses the problem of infinite regress (i.e. when justifications or reasoning never come to an end). It alludes to a mythical turtle that holds up the world, which stands on a bigger turtle, standing on a bigger turtle, and so on, ad infinitum. Its land cousin, the tortoise, is not concerned with infinity but preferers a crisp salad leaf instead.

Infinity is nigh on unthinkable but what we have is in-betweenness. It’s part of our uniquely organic and somewhat disappointing experience. For humans, the only narrative is in-betweenness, the only end we have is death. We are permanently in an unfinished state. There are no failures, only happy little accidents. The exhibition is about this in-betweenness, and how it comes into conflict with our need for easy narratives.