A few unfinished thoughts and the infinite turtle

Keywords: narrator, tortoise, in-betweenness, infinite regress

‘Turtles all the way down’ is a saying with an unknown origin that expresses the problem of infinite regress (i.e. when justifications or reasoning never come to an end). It alludes to a mythical turtle that holds up the world, which stands on a bigger turtle, standing on a bigger turtle, and so on, ad infinitum. Its land cousin, the tortoise, is not concerned with infinity but preferers a crisp salad leaf instead.

Infinity is nigh on unthinkable but what we have is in-betweenness. It’s part of our uniquely organic and somewhat disappointing experience. For humans, the only narrative is in-betweenness, the only end we have is death. We are permanently in an unfinished state. There are no failures, only happy little accidents. The exhibition is about this in-betweenness, and how it comes into conflict with our need for easy narratives.

Table Love (almost there)

I bought an erotic text for a table at the website friverrr.com from a user called carla_frost. The only instructions I gave was a picture of an office table and it can be written in whichever point of view the author felt most comfortable with. The two videos are made in a discussion with the text and a 3d rendering featuring said table inspired by the too clean quality of architectural renderings.

The table and the story is a way to find human collaboration and connection in a “gig economy” who's all business making human creativity more piecemeal and robotised. An upside down table is a way something fragile, it is a thing removed from its role, made weak and in this way we anthropomorphise it.

ok i guess

Who am I, what do I want to show?
My name is Fredrik Enges and I’m an artist.
Welcome to the exhibition.
It’s a show about future anxiety and failure to fit into this new economy.
Are you your best self? Are you complete?

First movers advantage (2017)
plexiglass, led light

Home is where my strength is (2014-2107)
3d print, chain, found objects.

Slowly being productive in a circle (2017)
film, mixed media.

Win a global audience by self reflection (2015 -2017)
print mounted on aluminium composite, light

Evolution (2015 -2016)
3d print, found objects.


Exhibition view from Project Room, Helsinki, Finland

Constrain of having

Exhibition view Uppsala 2013