Constrain of having

Exhibition view Uppsala 2014





I use modes of expression and presentation techniques from the corporate world to create an installation where I deal with the picture as an object and how it is consumed. The materials I use are stands, lamps, found objects, second hand objects and photographs. I see the whole exhibition space as a place for experiments, a place to learn by doing. For my generation, an image is something you see on a screen. Like so much else in this world it’s being digitalized. My exam project is an attempt to go back to thinking of the image as a physical project. To tie the installation back to the theme of the internet, all the names of my works are quotes from a twitter spam bot called “horse_ebooks”. It has reached cult status with more than 160.000 followers and fascinates me with its abstract sentence fragments that seem to be serious and meaningful if you look quickly, but are without meaning when you look for the second time.